Volpin's Top Tip #4 - Decals

Today's tip is about decals! If you've ever made a model car you've seen water-slide decals. You can buy specific water decal paper for inkjet and laser printers for use on your props - just make sure to clearcoat the inkjet ones, since the ink can run if it gets damp. I used water slide decals on the yellow cell on the right in this shot.

For the forward decals on this gun, the water slide wouldn't work - printing yellow on clear over a dark base won't show up at all. Instead, I scanned a painted green surface and designed the decal over that scanned image, then printed the result onto white sticker paper. Bit of weathering and it blends right in.

Pasted Graphic 4

Disclaimer: These top tips have been posted here without the expressed permission of Volpin (AKA Harrison Krix). If you would like to view more of Volpin’s work, his website is http://www.volpinprops.com and don’t forget to check out is Facebook Page to keep up to date with his ongoing projects. Harrison, if you’re reading this and you would like these removed, please get in touch.
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