Volpin's Top Tip #1 - Commercial Spray Paints for Airbrushing

If you like the color in a commercial brand spraypaint but the nozzle sputters and spits, turn the can upside down and clamp the nozzle to release all the propellant. Once it's depressurized you can drill a couple holes in the can and dump out all the paint inside for use in an airbrush. Much finer spray pattern and easier to control as well.

Make sure to drill two holes - one to pour and one to vent - and store your paint in an airtight container. NEVER DRILL INTO A PRESSURIZED CAN!

Pasted Graphic

Disclaimer: These top tips have been posted here without the expressed permission of Volpin (AKA Harrison Krix). If you would like to view more of Volpin’s work, his website is http://www.volpinprops.com and don’t forget to check out is Facebook Page to keep up to date with his ongoing projects. Harrison, if you’re reading this and you would like these removed, please get in touch.
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